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Guitar Lessons at Home

Weekly guitar lessons are conducted in the convenience and comfort of your own home.

The best guitar teachers in your area: background checked, rigorously selected, thoroughly trained.

Tuition rates compare to your local studio, where you have to travel, wait, and wonder about what's going on during your student's lesson.

Over half a million lessons delivered since 1996.  Serving Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Little Rock, and the Clearwater / St. Petersburg area.

Our students enjoy private guitar lessons in the comfort and convenience of home with an experienced, highly trained and background-checked instructor.  Our guitar teaching styles include Classical, Pop, Funk, Reggae, Country, Folk, Blues, Finger Picking Style, Rock, and Metal, along with other select specialties in certain areas.

Combining the best guitar teachers and flexible teaching methods, we offer our guitar students just the right mix of enjoyment and technical development.  We train students to achieve a high performance level in their preferred style, and stretch beyond the desire to simply mimic a favored artist.

As with all of our lesson offerings, we tap into our network of expert teachers - most of whom are regular performers on the club circuit - to match each student with the right guitar teacher.  Our guitar students may participate in an annual recital with the teacher’s other students.

Lessons are available in lengths of 30, 45 or 60 minutes per week for students ages 7 to adult.  Rates for lessons vary by market and session package. Contact us for more information about our private guitar lessons!  

Guitar Lessons for Beginners

A first year guitar student can expect to learn read guitar music, play some of his/her favorite pop songs, and memorize and perform a piece at a recital within the first year of lessons. As the student continues into the second year, they will begin to focus more on music theory, ear training, and more advanced guitar techniques. Emphasis will be placed on developing the student’s musical taste and understanding the varying roles of the guitar instrument within music.

Advanced Guitar Lessons

As a guitar student’s skill improves, he or she can expect to be more involved in shaping the content of the lessons. They may want to focus on one particular genre of music, mastering a specific technique, or learning the style of their favorite guitar player. Whatever the interest, the guitar teacher will be as accommodating as possible, all while introducing concepts and techniques that that align with the student’s overall goals.

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