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Piano and Keyboard Lessons

Weekly piano lessons are conducted in the convenience and comfort of your own home.

Our money back guarantee ​means you can sign up for lessons with confidence - if you are not satisfied for any reason, we'll refund your tuition!

The best piano teachers in your area: background checked, rigorously selected, thoroughly trained.

Simple, competitive tuition rates compare to your local studio, where you have to travel, wait, and wonder about what's going on during your student's lesson.

Over half a million lessons delivered since 1996.  Serving Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Little Rock, and the Clearwater / St. Petersburg area.

Few activities can match the multitude of benefits offered by piano and keyboard lessons, which have been proven to relieve stress, stimulate creative thinking, and improve language, STEM skills, concentration and coordination in learners of all ages.  With Piano Lessons in Your Home, you can enjoy these benefits without adding yet another commitment outside the home to your busy schedule. We hire only the best piano teachers, combining a rigorous interview and training with a thorough background check, and staff our service areas to give us maximum flexibility to find the best teacher for you.  We teach piano to students of all ages, with skill levels ranging from beginning to advanced.

Lesson duration options are 30, 45, or 60 minutes, and may be conducted on a piano or electronic keyboard.  Skype piano lessons are available to students ages 10 and up who have taken at least one year of lessons. Finally, all Piano Lessons in Your Home students are invited to participate in at least one recital per year to help develop confidence, practice habits and performance skills.


Rates for lessons vary by market and session package.  Contact us for more information about our private piano and keyboard lessons!

Piano Lessons

for Beginners

Our teachers are specially trained to work with beginning students, and have experience with a variety of popular piano teaching methods that allow them to adapt to the student.  Beginners will quickly learn not just the foundations of piano, but also how to practice!

Advanced Piano Lessons

Expert players themselves, many of our teachers specialize in training advanced piano players, and can help those students learn to play increasingly complex and challenging pieces, while tackling more advanced topics such as music theory and performance.

Piano Lessons

for Kids

Kids learn new skills quickly, and our teachers are trained to make the most of this development window while keeping things fun for younger students.  Parents with beginners who are 4 to 5 years old can request an evaluation to ensure they are ready for lessons.

Piano Lessons

for Adults

It’s never too late to learn piano.  Playing for the first time? Did you quit too soon in your younger days and want to rekindle your latent ability?  Either way, we can help! Please note that for adult students, we attempt to match students and teachers by gender when possible.

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