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Piano Scale Olympics, Part 2

Last week we posted a video of our teacher Mr. Shaun demonstrating the techniques and requirements behind the first tier of our "Scale Olympics," the skills challenge for pianists participating in the Piano Lessons in Your Home Young Performer Awards. This week, once again with Mr. Shaun's help, we present a similar demonstration of the requirements for passing Skill Set 2.

The second skill set expands to include the D Major and b minor keys. Participants are expected to perform certain scales in two octaves, with hands either separately together, including both the major and harmonic minor form. Skill set level two also calls for a new set of triad inversions, as Mr. Shaun demonstrates, played in both ascending and descending patterns. Finally, the pianist will be asked to demonstrate fluid four-octave cross-hand arpeggios.

Even if you are not participating in the Young Performer Awards, consider utilizing these videos to develop your fluency with scales, a critical technique for piano students. We'll be back next week with the concluding Skill Set 3!


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