Young Performer Awards

YPA is back, by popular demand!  Open to musicians of all ages and experience levels and modeled after prestigious regional and national competitions, the Young Performer Awards allow participants the opportunity to perform for an expert evaluator via a live, web-based video meeting using Skype.  The evaluator will provide feedback and a series of ratings for each piece.  Other optional elements will include the “Scale Olympics” technical trial (for pianists) and a Blue Ribbon Recital for the top performers in some regions.

Ribbons will be awarded based on aggregate performance ratings for each piece.  Ratings will factor in the playing experience level of the participant, so even relatively inexperienced performers will have a chance to shine! Students of all experience and skill levels are strongly encouraged to participate.

YPA is open to the general public as well as Piano Lessons in Your Home clients for piano, guitar, violin, and voice.  Adjudication will take place in early March 2019, with Blue Ribbon Recitals to follow (dates and locations TBA).  Read on for more details!

$15 for current and former PLIYH students

$20 for non-PLIYH students



Piano Recital


Participant selects one or two pieces to perform for the expert evaluator(s), who rate the performance on multiple dimensions with written feedback.  Each piece receives an aggregate rating that corresponds with an award level, with Blue Ribbon the highest.  Rating scales are adjusted based on the player's experience, so that a well-prepared player of any experience level has a shot at the Blue Ribbon!

Grand Piano

Scale Olympics

Pianists may choose to participate in this optional event, wherein the player is rated on his or her technical ability to perform a series of scales.  The participant self-selects one of three tiers: Beginning, Intermediate or Advanced.  Tier descriptions will be available upon registration, or in advance by emailing us at  The Scale Olympics are only open to Performance Evaluation participants. 

Piano Concert Hall

Blue Ribbon Recital

In select cities, those who earn Blue Ribbons will be invited to perform in a special Blue Ribbon Recital following the conclusion of the adjudication period.  Again, beginner and intermediate players may also qualify for the Blue Ribbon Recital based on preparedness.  Locations and dates will be announced in mid-February.  This is an optional event to recognize our top performers!